Staying Productive!

Many of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands then we are use to. Yes, It may feel strange but why not embrace it! We are living through a major historical event and we will all look back on it, speak about it and I’m not sure about you, but I want […]

Perry’s Recommendations on Aviation Reading

Books to Read Part 1. After not sitting left seat in a 172 in 4 years I was looking forward to flying Sunday Feb 9 @ 230pm. However CYEG & CZVL TAF’s showed 0915/0924 with winds 310@12G22KT 2SM & BKN @ 1500’. So not ideal VFR flying for this guy! So instead I offer up some of […]

CASARA Corner – Jan 2020

Another year off to a cold start this time (although as a glass half full person it certainly eliminates the immediate threat of mosquitos and poisonous reptiles). The New Year is a rather arbitrary marking of time but it seems a good way to establish goals, take stock of recent performance and place our benchmarks. […]

Why I Fly

When I offered to write a second article for the Dec. Slipstream I should have had at least some idea on what to write about. Instead I spent the better part of 3 days with writer’s block. Finally I thought why not write about why any of us fly! Flying, to me, is the most enjoyable […]

Christmas Shopping Made Easy with EFC!

Every year many of us struggle to think of what to get for the perfect gift or what to say when your family or friends ask you what you need or what you would like this year. This year is especially tricky as so many of us are trying to be economically conscious and practical. […]