Pilot Pathways Project

Our proposed “Pilot Pipeline Project” directly supports Alberta’s aviation sector (NAICS: Air Transport and Aviation – 481). Industry needs that align with this project include a critical pilot shortage, a disconnect between pilot graduation and hiring requirements, financial barrier to entry for students, and Alberta’s economic recovery.

Alberta’s Recovery Plan prioritizes the aviation and aerospace sector as a strategy to diversify the economy. The plan states that the government will work with post- secondary institutions and private sector investors to address the massive shortage in trained pilots and maintenance personnel within the aviation sector.

Our project aligns with the provincial Recovery Plan, as well as two of the LMP priorities for 2021/2022. Specifically, this project will encourage workforce development in the aviation sector as identified in Alberta’s Recovery Plan. It will also assist job creators in increasing employment through attraction and retention initiatives and in the long term, increase industry capacity to build a resilient workforce.

With 94 years of organizational experience, the Edmonton Flying Club is a trusted and experienced leader in Alberta aviation. Our experience, knowledge, and connections make us well qualified to lead this project and help aviation in Alberta take a massive step forward on its road to industry and workforce recovery.