Feeling a little Rusty?

Has it been over 5 years since you have acted as pilot in command and you want to get back in the air?

Our Rusty wings program was created for you to get you back up to the Transport Canada Standard and ready to start flying again! At EFC we are happy to work with you based on your skill level and adapt a program to work with your currency (how much comes back and how quickly) to get you ready to act as a pilot once again.    

As per the CARS 421.05 Any pilot who has not acted as pilot in command in the prior 5 years must undergo a flight review with a license flight instructor.

(a) the flight review shall include all items normally covered during the flight test for the issue of that permit or licence,

(b) the flight instructor completing the flight review shall certify in the holder’s personal log that the skill requirement has been met, and

(c) the holder shall successfully complete the written examination Student Pilot Permit or Private Pilot Licence for Foreign and Military Applicants, Air Regulations (PSTAR)


  • A private or commercial pilots license 
  • A valid/current category 3 or 1 medical 


  • In order to get your PPL or CPL license recurrent you will need to go for a medical exam.
  • You will need to apply for an aviation license booklet (if you don’t already have one) and ensure it is valid (they expire every 5- 10 years.)
  • Complete and pass the PSTAR – This can be done right at EFC! 
  • Complete training with an EFC instructor to get back up to the flight test standard of your license. (PPL or CPL)
  • Fly solo under the supervision of an instructor and get your logbook signed off. 
  • Build up some solo confidence and then start taking passengers again and enjoying the privilege’s of being a pilot! 


Depending on how often you would like to book, a rusty wings course could be completed in as quick as one to two weeks if you’ve already reviewed your flying materials and are ready to start. If you would like to take this a bit slower our team of instructors are happy to work with you to accommodate any schedule! 

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