Accelerated Private Pilot Course

Partnered training not available due to covid19 – Stay tuned for updates!


The Private Licence will allow the pilot to fly any single engine, non high performance land aeroplane. There are various ratings available to upgrade this license such as the night rating, float rating, instrument rating and multi engine rating.
This is the license that must be completed first before moving onto the Commercial but it can be the start to an exciting aviation career or just a fun and useful hobby!


Training is at the student’s pace and convenience. We recommend training a minimum of twice per week to stay some what consistent. Remember that flights may get cancelled due to weather. If in the accelerate course should be completed in 16-20 weeks.

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Private Pilot Licence

Total MINIMUM Cost
$ 14,810
  • -- Initial Cost --
  • Club Membership: $80
  • Ground School (70 hours): $450
  • Books and Supplies: $100
  • -- Practicum --
  • 30 Hours Dual Flights: $8400
  • 15 Hours Solo Flights: $3075
  • 25 Hours Ground Briefs: $1875
  • -- Licensing --
  • Transport Canada Written Fee Fee: $150
  • Flight Test Fee: $450
  • Transport Canada Licensing Fee: $55
2020 Prices