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EFC Pilot Shop

The Edmonton Flying Club, has a variety of t- shirts  available for purchase. We also have an awesome First solo shirt that is awarded to each member who goes for their first solo with EFC!

Looking for the perfect gift for someone whos interested in learning to fly or who you think would love the view from above? Check out our gift certificates and potentially purchase a Discovery Flight For someone today! 

Our pilot shop also consists of a the tools needed for flight planning such as;

  • The aviation protractor
  • Aviation Ruler
  • E6B Flight Computer
  • VNC and VTA Charts 

We also carry a variety of books for purchase to help with your flight training.

These books include;

  • From the Ground Up  and the From the Ground Up Workbook
  • The Transport Canada Flight Training Manual
  • Stick and Rudder
  • Instrument Procedures Manual
  • Mountain Flying In the Canadian Rockies
  • EFC Multi and IFR training manuals/ work books
  • C172 and PA44 Pilot Operating Handbooks
  • Aviation Information Manuals (AIMs)
  • Nav Canadas VFR Phraseology Guide
  • Industry Canadas Radio Operators Handbook 
  • Local charts and so much more! 


EFC also has a pre packaged ground school kit available for those starting out towards their Private licenses! This kit includes: The Flight Training Manual, The From the Ground up and From the ground up work book, the aviation protractor, ruler, E6B flight computer, The VFR Phraseology guide, A Pilot Training Record, a Pilot Log book, a Cessna 172 POH, a copy of the Aviation Information Manual all in an EFC Book bag!