James Huber

Chief Dispatch

I started dispatching in the spring of 2021 and became the Chief of Dispatch this summer. I’m currently finishing my PPL and look forward to completing my CPL with EFC. I hope to one day fly with a seaplane charter on the west coast.

Keshya Wickrama


Born in Sri Lanka, Keshiya and her family moved to Canada when she was young. She joined EFC in the fall of 2018 for her Private License, and then the dispatch team, winter of 2019.

She is currently in the beginning stages of her Commercial License, and also in school at MacEwan University for the Business Management Diploma Program. Keshiya loves working, interacting, and learning to fly at EFC and hopes to one day pursue a career in the airlines.

Hannah Mckay


Hannah came to EFC in 2021 to finish her commercial license, since then she has completed her Multi engine rating and plans to become an instructor. In the future, she hopes to fly floats in the mountains.

James Derksen


James became a member with EFC in 2021 when he started his PPL training and later started as a dispatcher at the club. He is currently working towards his license with the plan to go to college for his CPL and later pursue a career in the airlines.

Oleksandr Faryna


Oleksandr became a member of the Edmonton Flying Club in the Fall of 2021 working towards completing his PPL training, and has since became part of the Dispatch team in the Spring of 2022. Oleksandr is currently also in school at the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in Economics.

Oleksandr looks to finish off his PPL License, and continue to work on his CPL, Multi Engine, and Multi IFR ratings to later pursue a career flying for the Airlines!

Anas Abdulazim


Anas Is originally from the middle east and lived in 5 different countries before moving to Canada in 2019, He obtained his ICAO CPL ME IR from South Africa in 2015, and is currently in the last stages of his license conversion.

Anas’s passion for flying started in the early stages of his childhood and he is very passionate about pursuing a career in the airlines.