Chris Crawford

Chief Dispatch

Chris is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Edmonton in 2018 and starteddispatching with EFC later that year. Chris completed his Private license with EFC in May of 2019. He is currently working towards obtaining his CPL with plans of his MIFR and potentially his Instructor rating. Chris has been EFC’s chief of dispatch since April of 2019 and looks forward to the adventures the aviation industry will bring his way.

Andy Hernandez

Andy is originally from the Philippines and moved to Canada with his family in 2012. He became a member of EFC in 2014 and joined the dispatch team after getting his PPL. Andy completed his CPL in 2020 and is considering his options moving forward. His long term goal is to work as an instructor or work as a pipeline inspection pilot.

Zac Yarema

Zac started working on his private license early October 2016 and joined the dispatch team a couple weeks after. Once finished his PPL he plans on working towards his commercial license. Zac was born and raised in Edmonton and looks forward to the opportunities aviation will bring.

Karl Neuman

Karl started flying with EFC in 2015 after a discovery flight convinced him that flying was pretty cool. He joined the dispatch team after getting his PPL and loves the friendly atmosphere that the club brings. He is working on finishing his CPL hours and studying for his instrument rating.

Radwan Hoche


Originally from Djibouti a small country in East Africa, Radwan became member of the EFC after a discovery flight in August 2018 to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. Radwan joined the dispatch team after completing his PPL and is currently wrapping up his CPL and excited to soon start his Multi Engine rating, his MIFR and hopefully his instructor rating after that.

Eric Folk

 Eric joined EFC in 2017 shortly after going for a discovery flight. He signed up for training and has since finished his PPL in July 2020. Eric is currently a student at MacEwan University, working towards his Bachelor of Commerce degree. Eric says that he joined EFC because we have an amazing staff to work with, and it’s a huge opportunity to work with airplanes all day!

Keshya Wickrama


Born in Sri Lanka, Keshiya and her family moved to Canada when she was young. She joined EFC in the fall of 2018 for her Private License, and then the dispatch team, winter of 2019. She is currently in the beginning stages of her Commercial License, and also in school at MacEwan University for the Business Management Diploma Program. Keshiya loves working, interacting, and learning to fly at EFC and hopes to one day pursue a career in the airlines.