Radwan Hoche

Chief Flight Instructor
Class 2 Instructor
After a discovery flight in 2018, Radwan became a member of EFC to finally pursue his childhood dream. After fulfilling his, he’s now helping others with theirs. 
Radwan, completed all his training through EFC and over the last couple years worked as Dispatch, Chief of Dispatch and has now proudly joined our Flight Instructor team. 
Besides flying, he loves traveling around the globe and meeting new people.

Martin Edwards

Class 3 Instructor
Assistant CFI

Marty was bitten by the aviation bug early in life when his father (Retired RAF pilot) would take him flying in his ultralight from farm strips in England where he is originally from. He completed his PPL & CPL in Squamish BC, before moving to Edmonton to become a flight instructor.

Marty loves everything that flies and has had some truly memorable experiences flying a Tiger Moth, Super Decathlon, ultralights and para-motors.

When not flying, Marty can be found on the local ski slopes with his wife and children… or watching Star Trek.

Sophia Wells

Former Chief Flight Instructor
Class 1 Multi IFR Instructor/ Flight Examiner

Sophia came to the Club in 2009 after completing the Mount Royal Aviation program and then working for a year at the Calgary Flying Club. Sophia became the CFI in August of 2012 and also flies part time on a Piper Navajo and a Cessna Citation for a local construction company. She is originally from the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

In 2018, Sophia was named to Wings magazine’s Top 20 Under 40: Agent of Change. In 2019, she was honored with Mount Royal University’s Outstanding Alumni Award.

Sophia is currently on maternity leave and is excited to soon welcome home a baby girl.

Justin Bailey

Class 1 Multi IFR Instructor
Multi Engine Examiner

Justin was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He spent 20 years in Ontario, completing his flight training at WWFC at the Kitchener / Waterloo airport (CYKF). He later obtained his seaplane rating and time on floats at Lake St. John (CNV6).

Now flying as captain on the Beech 1900 for Central Mountain Air, Justin continues with EFC as a part-time instructor and multi engine examiner.

Allen A.

Class 2 Instructor
MIFR Instructor, CSIP, Former ACFI

A University of Waterloo engineering graduate working in Alberta’s oil and gas sector, Allen had to patiently wait a few decades until he and his wife raised their two daughters before being able to pursue his passion for aviation and further advance his flight training.

A member of EFC since 2016, Allen joined the EFC flight instructor team in the Fall of 2021 and now teaches MIFR and is also a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP).

In his spare time, you will find Allen flying his plane with his wife to various interesting destinations in Canada and the US.

Robbie Benusic

Class 2 Instructor

Robbie has returned to his flight instructing roots after a 22-year break where he was, and still is, an Air Traffic Controller. He is currently working at training the new CYQF Control Tower, but also spent time in CYEG CYZF and CYXD Towers. Robbie originally did all his flight training at the Edmonton Flying Club and graduated from the first class of the Edmonton Flight College in 1994. He flight instructed for 3 years in Dawson Creek and Port McNeill (north end of Vancouver Island), and also did a 6 month tour in Resolute Bay working for Kenn Borek on Twin Otters.

Fadhl Abughanem

Class 3 Instructor

Fadhl had a passion for aviation early in life and after a career in law enforcement he decided to progress his flight training at EFC to be a flight instructor. He subsequently has been successful is becoming a first officer for Westjet Encore and continues to instruct at EFC to share his passion with his students.

Mohamad Mahfouz

Class 3 Instructor

A locally born, raised, and trained pilot, Mohamad began flying after obtaining an electrical Engineering degree from the University of Alberta. His passion for flight instruction stems from the countless hours flying cross-country around North America with friends and family – subconsciously passing on the joys and thrills of flying. He joined EFC in April 2019, and in December that year he joined the instructor ranks. He is also multi-instrument rated, multilingual, and circumnavigated the globe multiple times. Always setting his sights on the next challenge, an aerobatic rating is his next venture.

Hannah McKay

Class 4 Instructor
Event Sponsorship Coordinator

Hannah started her aviation journey in 2018 as a Flight Attendant. She realized she was on the wrong side of the flight deck door and began flight training in 2020. Hannah came to the Edmonton Flying Club in 2021 to complete her Commercial license, Multi engine rating, and more recently her Flight Instructor rating.

When she is not flying at EFC, Hannah works as the Membership and Community Outreach Coordinator with Elevate Aviation. She loves giving back to the community when she can and inspiring the next generation of pilots. Outside of aviation, she can be found on her snowboard in the winter and mountain bike in the summer enjoying nature with her family.

Lyndsey Panasiuk

Class 4 Instructor

Lyndsey started her aviation journey in 2019. She worked as a nurse for ten years when she decided to make the jump and follow her passion for flying. She came to Edmonton Flying Club in 2021 to complete her Commercial Pilots License and her Instructor Rating. Lyndsey is excited to help others pursue their aviation dreams.

When Lyndsey is not flying she enjoys picking up a shift at the local hospital or spending time outside walking her two dogs, biking, boating or camping.

Keshiya Wickrama

Class 4 Instructor

Keshiya has completed her Private, Commercial, Multi, and Instructor training all at EFC. She hopes to graduate from the Aviation Management program at MacEwan once the Instrument Rating is completed. She is thrilled to finally join the instructing team and help other students achieve their flying goals! Keshiya hopes to complete the rest of her advanced training and one day pursue an airline career. Outside of aviation, she enjoys singing in choir and spending time with friends and family.

Bill Dimmer

PPL Ground School Instructor

Bill has been an EFC Club member since 1987. He was a dispatcher before earning his Commercial License and eventually his Instructor Rating. Bill has also been a long time member of the CASARA group.