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For more information please Call 780-800-9639 ext. 1 for more information.

Please note that as a result of COVID, there are no planned in-person courses at this time however we do have online commercial pilot ground school available all year.


Ground school is held yearly in the EFC classroom at the Parkland Airport. Note that this is subject to demand. 


  • Ground School Course – In-Person $500.00
  • Ground School Course – Online $450.00
  • Annual Club Membership $80.00


The Commercial Pilot License is an official and internationally recognized license. The Commercial Pilot License is the next step for those wishing to fly for a career. After completion of your Commercial Pilot License, you will be able to fly all Canadian registered, single engine, land, non high performance aircraft for hire.

In order to begin the Commercial license you must have completed your Private Pilot license. The next step is enrolling in a commercial ground school course. We offer this course in the evenings twice per week and are currently working on an online option for those unable to attend in classroom courses.

Course Information

The ground school is broken into the same 4 categories as the private;

  • Air Law
  • General Knowledge
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation

At the commercial level we will be going into more detail and have a lot more homework for self study as well as a group project.

We offer a variety of payment methods, such as a pay as you go style or you can pay a lump sum upfront and it will be deducted as you progress through your training.

While in your commercial ground school you will need to be increasing your flight hours by doing some time building and perhaps working to increase your skills by adding on additional ratings such as Night, Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings.

Online Ground School

Ready to start your Commercial Ground School but struggling to find a class that fits your schedule?

We offer an online course that has been built by our senior instructors who are passionate about teaching and truly want you to get the most out of your ground school.  EFCs online course consists of informative presentations, demonstrative videos, interactive worksheets, quizzes to confirm learning along the way and a full exam prep course at the end to help you ace that Transport Canada written exam!


At this time we are only offering our ONLINE CPL course

If you are interested in attending Commercial Ground School in person, please email our CFI.

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