Flight Instructor Training


The Class 4 Instructor rating allows you to teach private and commercial licenses to students under supervision with the ability to upgrade to class 3, 2, and 1 ratings.

This is the rating that can be that first pilot job in your aviation career! This rating is a lot of work and is for those who enjoy teaching and have a passion for aviation that will allow them to effectively pass on the theory and knowledge behind flying.


  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • 18th Birthday
  • Canadian Class 1 medical, obtained from a Aviation medical examiner
  • There are no special educational requirements other than a working knowledge of English


The instructor rating consists of a Minimum of 30 hours dual instruction, 25 hours ground briefing time, a written exam and a flight test. There is a lot of homework in this rating due to lesson planning as well as it is recommended for between 2-5 hours solo time, although solo time is not required by Transport Canada.

  • 30 hours of dual instruction
  • 25 hours of ground briefing time
  • A pre flight test
  • A Transport Canada Written and Flight test is required


Training is at the student’s pace and convenience. Due to the amount of homework, the average rating takes 3-4 months. If done part-time the rating can take up to a year.

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Flight Instructor Rating

Total MINIMUM Cost
$ 14,485

Flight Instructor Rating

Books: 23.00

Hours | Component | Rate | Cost
30 | Dual Flight | 290.00 | 8700.00
25 | Ground Brief | 85.00 | 2125.00
Transport Canada Written Fee:30.00
Flight Test Fee: 450.00
Transport Canada Licensing Fee: 30.00

Total MINIMUM Cost: $14,485.00