Foreign Pilot license Conversion in Canada

This guide is meant to only help you get an idea on the conversion process, please contact and refer to Transport Canada Official website for the official details.

Credit for foreign training and skills

We will grant credits to foreign pilot license holders if the foreign license:

is medically valid, and comes from a country that is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) : List of ICAO registered countries MEMBER STATES

You will meet the ground school instruction requirement if you:
hold a commercial or higher type of pilot license in the aeroplane category, which was issued by an ICAO contracting state, and
meet applicable experience requirements


To convert your FAA license you must :

  • Obtained a Canadian aviation medical.
  • Write the FAA conversion exam at transport Canada.
  • Submit all required documentation

ICAO PPL Conversion

To Convert your ICAO PPL to a Canadian PPL you must:

  • Obtained a Canadian Class 3 medical or higher. Civil Aviation Medical Examiners
  • Score 90% in the written examination PSTAR.
  • Have completed 5 take-offs and 5 landings within the 6 months preceding the date of application.
  • Has at least 45 hours total flight time, 12 hours solo, 5 hours instrument time, 3 hours dual cross country, and 5 hours solo cross country.
  • Completed a Aviation-Language Proficiency Test (Canadian or ICAO is acceptable)
  • Once the above has been completed, the candidate will be issued a licence indicating that the licesne is based on your foreign licence, to remove this statement from your licence, you must complete a Private Pilot written examination and flight test.

ICAO CPL Conversion


Transport Canada may issue you a multi-engine rating based upon your current rating if you fulfill one of the following:

  • you have 50 hours of experience as pilot-in-command on multi-engine aeroplanes during the 12 months preceding the date of application for the rating, or
  • you met the prescribed standards, of the State concerned, for issue of a multi-engine class rating during the 12 months preceding the date of application for the rating.
  • If you cannot meet these requirements, you must successfully complete a practical flight test.

Instrument Rating

To obtain an instrument rating endorsed on the CPL-A, you must meet the knowledge and skill requirements set out in CARs Standard 421, section 421.46 by successfully completing:

  • The Instrument Rating (INRAT) written examination
  • A flight test

Instrument Rating

To successfully earn a Canadian ATPL-A, you must:

  • Obtained a Canadian Class 1 medical. Civil Aviation Medical Examiners.
  • Provide proof that you meet the experience requirement. Be prepared to show your log book of your flight experience for our review. Read CARs Standard 421, section 421.34, para. (4) to learn more.
  • To meet the knowledge requirements, successfully complete the following written examinations:
    • Meteorology, Radio Aids to Navigation and Flight Planning (SAMRA)
    • Aviation Regulations and Air Traffic Procedures, Aeroplane Operations and General Navigation (SARON)
    • Instrument Rating (INRAT)
  • Read CARs Standard 421, section 421.34, para. (3) to learn more.
  • Meet the skill requirement by successfully completing a flight test in a multi-engine aeroplane (excluding centre-line thrust) suitably equipped for instrument flight rules (IFR) flight in controlled airspace.
  • Complete your licence application.
  • Submit proof of foreign citizenship and age
  • Provide your foreign licence and log book for evaluation

For more details on each of these steps and the questions involved with them please check out Transport Canada's website.