Perry’s Recommendations on Aviation Reading

Books to Read Part 1. After not sitting left seat in a 172 in 4 years I was looking forward to flying Sunday Feb 9 @ 230pm. However CYEG & CZVL TAF’s showed 0915/0924 with winds 310@12G22KT 2SM & BKN @ 1500’. So not ideal VFR flying for this guy! So instead I offer up some of my favorite books & recommend a few for your consideration. Most are available @ Amazon or Chapters. in soft or hard cover or Kindle.

My first 2 recommendations are ProPilot or Sure Check checklist for whatever plane you fly. Longer then the 2 page checklist that stays with the plane but shorter then a P.O.H. Both are full of relevant info & are laminated to last a long time. Although Stick & Rudder by Langewiesche was written in 1944, it should be a must read for all pilots. It lacks illustrations & the wording is dated, but the information is timeless! Much of flying today is the result of work done by the Wright Brothers over 100 years ago. As such The Wright Brothers by McCullough & Birdman by Goldstone are but two of the better reads out of the dozens of books written about the iconic brothers. Finally Managing Risk by Wilson & The Killing Zone by Craig deal with the sad reality of aviation accidents & how to become a better, more forward thinking pilot.

Stay tuned for next month part 2 of my favorite books. Lastly, if you haven’t done so yet, sign up for the Lac La Biche fly in on Feb 22nd. The chance to land or takeoff on ice is an experience not to be missed! Until next month go out flying & remember to have fun!