Avoiding Runway Incursions – Some tips and tricks from Transport Canada

Most runway incursions start with some kind of distraction. The distraction could stem from rushing to get in the air, doing checklists while on the hold short line, having a conversation about unrelated topics, etc. Finish all your checklists and briefings in the run-up bay and all non-essential activities should be avoided after that.

In a towered airport like CZVL there are only two instructions that a controller can issue that would allow you to taxi into an active runway: “cleared for take-off” or “line-up and wait”. If you hear anything else continue holding short and ask for clarification.

And here are a few tips from Transport Canada:

“Here are some suggestions for starting your own ground safety awareness program at an airport. Most of these tips apply both on the ground and in the air.

  • Always communicate clearly and use the proper phraseology
  • Read back clearances with restrictions
    (altitude, heading, runway number)
  • If you don’t hear them clearly, always ask for clarification; this is a sign of a professional pilot
  • Keep an uncluttered cockpit
  • Avoid idle conversation
  • Listen to the other traffic on your frequency
  • If youe aircraft is moving, keep a good lookout
  • Proceed with caution when approaching any other taxiway or runway
  • Don’t move into the active runway while trying to finish your personal safety check- list
  • Be ready when cleared for takeoff”