Carb Heat

Norm was doing the walkaround on the Maule. It was late winter; the snow was mushy even in the morning. The Maule was on skis and tied down to the lake with ice screws used by mountain climbers. He was mumbling “carb ice” and making sure I heard it. Overly concerned, I thought. We had […]

Your Plane

It’s an early blue-sky morning with not much wind, as I recall. I’m sitting in the Maule. The engine has stopped, and I’ve just collided with a 172. The right wing has ridden over the 172’s red cowl and rests at the windscreen root. At the dock, moored by its right float, the side where […]

How it All Started: The History of Edmonton’s Flying Club

Founding Until the 1920s, Canada had no formal system of licensing or training for pilots. In 1927, the government introduced a system that pledged to support aviation clubs with aircraft and funding. In response, Captain Wilfrid R.’ Wop’ May, a WWI flying ace, and Ken Blatchford, the former mayor of Edmonton, called a meeting on […]

Tax Season Notes

As 2022 begins we would like to remind students that tax time is right around the corner. Please be sure to contact us on requesting your tax form. A student may be able to claim a portion of their flight training expenses providing it is their intention to become a commercial pilot. Please note the […]

EFC Jacket Order – Order by April 1, 2022!

Jacket order time has come again! With the new EFC staff members settling in and so many new EFC members we have decided to put in another order for EFC jackets! The jackets are $65 each or $70 with your name on the right sleeve. If you haven’t seen the jackets you can either find […]

Perry’s Ponderings

I wanted to start my article off with a big thank you to EFC, Gerald & Sophia for sending a plane & pilot to the Westlock COPA for kids event @ you guessed it, the Westlock Airport on Saturday Sept 11,2021. In spite of persistent cross winds that lasted throughout the event, the pilots got some 125 very […]

Ask EFC Alumni Adam K. – Cathay Pacific Pilot

EFC Asked: What was the hardest part of your journey to achieving your dream of flying for the airlines? I don’t think this will be a popular reply as it’s not definitive, but the hardest part of the journey to achieving your flying dreams, whatever they are, is to remain patient and confident. By nature, […]

Neighborly Reminder

Just a quick note that as your work on your night rating or into the spring as the days are getting longer and we are flying later into the evening to please try and be respectful of our neighbors. As always we do try to avoid Shady Acers by keeping the circuit a bit tighter […]

Check the FBO before you Walk around the wrong plane…

You may have noticed that sometimes the aircraft you originally booked online is not the aircraft you actually fly. This can happen due to maintenance, need for a specific aircraft for spin or IFR training, for a maintenance need when trying to plan and avoid multiple aircraft timing out at once, or an array of […]

New Tower in CYQF—The Inside Scoop with Robbie Benusic

On November 5th, at approximately 7:30 am, I had the privilege of issuing the first IFR, taxi and take off clearance to an aircraft after opening the Red Deer Control Tower.  This was a long time coming, the process was thrice delayed due to the COVID pandemic.  Originally, it was slated to be opened in […]