Why I Fly

When I offered to write a second article for the Dec. Slipstream I should have had at least some idea on what to write about. Instead I spent the better part of 3 days with writer’s block. Finally I thought why not write about why any of us fly! Flying, to me, is the most enjoyable job or hobby you can do in life. From the age of 14 & past the age of 84, you can fly day or night, over the prairies or the mountains, VFR or IFR, & it has no seasons. You can’t golf in the winter & you can’t ice fish in the summer! With most flights I try to take a second or two & look outside & admire the view. Is there anything cooler then being over Lake Wabamum on a clear day, looking west & seeing the mountains off in the distance! Of course, every season comes with advantages & disadvantages, I mean how much fun is a pre-flight check outside in -15c or colder? Not much fun but your plane loves colder weather. The runways get longer for take-offs & landings, which is a big plus, offsetting  the extra work of taking off & putting the engine blanket on. One of my favourite things to do is to go to the EFC website & look at the pilots who just had their first solo flight, up to those who finished their multi-engine IFR. What do they all have in common? All of them are smiling, always! Pilots will experience many flying firsts, from their first solo to their first solo 150 mile + cross-country to passing their flight test. Of course the bank of mom & dad might say that paying off students debts & getting that first paying job is just as important. So on your next flight, take a second or two & remind yourself how cool flying really is. JUST don’t try that on takeoff, landing, or in the circuit! So with that in mind I wish all of you a much better 2021. One last thing, I think that EFC has some of the most dedicated instructors, dispatch, AME’s & GM to be found anywhere. If you can afford it, get 1 or 2 of them a gift certificate to McD’s, or Starbucks or Tim Hortons, they all work hard so that we can go flying!