Christmas Shopping Made Easy with EFC!

Every year many of us struggle to think of what to get for the perfect gift or what to say when your family or friends ask you what you need or what you would like this year. This year is especially tricky as so many of us are trying to be economically conscious and practical. Well, look no further as EFC has lots of options! For many in training, a gift certificate for training that can be added to your flying account may be the perfect answer!

Or perhaps it’s one of the amazing EFC t-shirts that you’ve been eyeing. Perhaps your flight test is looming in the new year and the “Flight Test Notes’ book has been high on your list. Or maybe you have an Instrument rating coming up in 2021, then the Instrument Procedures Manual and the EFC IFR and even Multi-Engine training and workbooks may be the perfect gift! Another idea is to simply make your own gift certificate for some of your loved ones and take them flying yourself!

This is a great way to do some time building and have people come along with you (COVID-19 restrictions in mind—but hopefully in 2021 those will re-duce!)

For help with ideas or for purchasing reach out to our dispatch department at 780-800-9639 ext 1 or via email at [email protected] Happy Shopping!