Tax Season Notes

As 2021 begins we would like to remind students that tax time is right around the corner. With that in mind please be sure to contact us on requesting your tax forms sooner than later and please note the following information.

A student may be able to claim a portion of their flight training expenses providing it is their intention to become a commercial pilot. Some of the requirements are:

Must be 16 years old to claim before the end of the tax year.

The CRA may deny your claim for your PPL if you have not registered and are actively pursuing your Commercial License.

All training to be claimed must be supervised flights. (Instructor sign out)

As of 2019, your social insurance number is now required for us to generate and submit the T2202 tuition and enrollment certificate.

  • Flying costs can be claimed up to the minimum licensing & rating requirements (i.e. 45 hours for the PPL, 65 hours for the CPL)
  • We will issue a tax certificate to students who have completed the request form.
  • T2202 certificates for 2020 training will be available by Feb. 28, 2021.

Students are reminded that all deductions taken are the responsibility of the person claiming the deduction on their tax return.

For more information about claiming your flight training expenses please consult the Canada Revenue website site Paragraphs 2.38 & 2.39.

Any questions call Gerald at 780-800-9639 Ext. 5 or email: