Private Pilot Licence requirements and Application checklist

Congratulations on passing both the TC written and Flight tests! Now for the fun part of paperwork! So here are the details on how this part works. You may still have a few hours to finish up, but to keep moving onward and upward you can get started on some paperwork!

First there are 2 separate application forms to be completed and both can be found at the link below

The first one is “Private pilot Aeroplane”: Complete your personal information and print this form off or email it to your Authorized person. You can complete the hours section but its often recommended to do in pencil in case we find some math errors when going through the hours

The second form to complete is the “Aviation Document Booklet”: This is the application for the fancy blue book that is your license. For this you will need passport pictures and they will need to be signed by the same person that fills out the bottom of your application form. Read the instructions carefully on that one or contact your authorized person who will help with any questions. It is Really important on that form to NOT touch the lines on the signature box or they will send it back!

Your authorized person (often the CFI) will then also need your logbook so they can compare it to your PTR and ensure all hours are correct as well that you meet all requirements. Once they have confirmed all the hours and ensure neither has any mistakes in the times etc. the authorized person will certify your logbook if you have flown at their school. The Authorized person will need your Student Pilot Permit as once everything is done, they will sign off your SPP and it will act as your temporary license until your new blue book comes in the mail. This is only valid for 90 days from being signed so it’s recommended that in about 2 months if your license is not in, you should call TC and see where they are in the process.

Next is payment. You will need to pay $55 to the Receiver General of Canada. EFC recommends paying online on the same site as above (link below as well) or a check because then you can see when it has been cashed and know that all your documents have been received and processing on TC’s end has started. Ensure if you pay online that you write in the receipt number on your application form. The last payment is to the authorized person and it’s $50 for processing our license, cash is preferred but you can also pay through the club but then it is $10 more. (this number is subject to change and may vary between authorized persons)

If you are an EFC member then you will need to check out the Renters Handout as you will now be transitioning into your next ratings but also as a renter. As a member you’ve probably gathered some of this but know that your C172 COT’s are valid from your flight test for 1 year. If you do another rating etc it resets. When you’re due for a COT, you can book this with any instructor and be sure to do the open book exam in advance- it’s on the website!

Feel free to contact your authorized person (EFC’s CFI) with questions.



  • Proof of Age — 17 years
  • Medical Fitness — Current CAT 3 or 1 medical
  • Bring (or email) written exam results and record of PPL ground school
  • Proof that English language test complete (If required)
  • Completed application form for PPL, including all signatures (hours may be done in pencil just in case we find an error)
  • PTR — thoroughly filled in and completed by instructor and student – Check signatures on Page 1, 3, 7, 11 – last page with flights.
  • Pilot’s logbook (digital copy printed and paper if needed to be certified correct by EFC)
  • $80 fee to Transport Canada by cheque to Receiver General of Canada or online

Experience to confirm

(Between logbook and PTR– Note that hours should match)

  • 45 hours total
  • 17 dual with a certified flight instructor
  • 12 solo
  • 2 dual cross country
  • 5 solo cross country (including one 150 NM cross country with two stops other than departure)
  • 5 instrument – 3 sim hours max
  • Within 12 months, flight test passed


PTR completed:

  • Work with your instructor to ensure there is a P and D for all exercises required
  • Record of Ground school included in the PTR
  • Recommend for first solo page completed
    Recommend for flight test page completed
  • TC written results added to the PTR – Page signed by instructor and student
  • Application form filled in properly, signed.
  • All pages in PTR signed
  • Times Correct and totalled – (may be in pencil in case errors are found)
    Cross country routes filled in (each leg individual indicated to prove actual cross country)
  • Logbook and PTR match