Help for Booking TC exams

(CPL, IFR, Instructor etc)

If you need to book a written exam for the Instrument rating, Commercial, of Class 4 Flight Instructor rating (not PPL- this is still done through EFC by email [email protected] after confirming with your instructor you have the recommend to do so)

  1. Email the PNR regional Service Center at [email protected]
    Be sure to include the following
    1. What exam you are wanting to book
    2. What office you want to write at (Edmonton)
    3. What your name and license number are
    4. Dates and either Morning or Afternoon that would work for you – Please give a range of dates etc. (at least 3-4 options over the upcoming 1-4 weeks) Note they tend to do exams Monday through Thursday.
  2. Check back for a response from TC and confirm when you can write.
  3. If you need to cancel or change your date for ANY reason, email or call at least 48 hours in advance (worst case 24 etc or in the case of an emergency) but less than 24 hours they can’t book anyone else in to your spot.
  4. You can pay in advance but note that prices will change April 1 so if you paid an old price but are writing after the change you will be required to pay the difference. You can pay here