Perry’s Ponderings

I wanted to start my article off with a big thank you to EFC, Gerald & Sophia for sending a plane & pilot to the Westlock COPA for kids event @ you guessed it, the Westlock Airport on Saturday Sept 11,2021. In spite of persistent cross winds that lasted throughout the event, the pilots got some 125 very excited kids into the air for a free 20 minute flight! There is nothing better than seeing 125 kids, eager & excited to explore the joy of flying, many if not most for the 1st time in a small plane. It was great to see 3 female pilots, including EFC’s very own, Virginia who did an awesome job with the kids & those darn x-winds! Virginia along the way gained a young fan, who asked to switch pilots just to get a chance to fly with a “girl”! Way to go V! Next year the Edmonton COPA for kids event should be a go @ CZVL mid August or so on a Saturday with Sunday being the alternate day if the Sat. gets weathered out. This is a great event to volunteer at! Whether as a pilot or part of the ground crew, seeing kids have that much fun is very good for the soul & rekindles in all of us, the joy of being a kid! Elevate Aviation has their Gala event on Sat Oct. 9th & their online silent auction can be viewed @ 2021 Inspire Silent Auction, it runs from Sept 9-Oct 9, bid early, bid often! Elevate Aviation is a great organization, with a goal of getting more women  into the field of aviation. Just a quick reminder that EFC will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Food Bank again this fall, starting towards the end of Oct, going until mid-Dec. All contributions large or small are greatly appreciated. Remember if you can afford to fly, you can afford to donate to those less fortunate than us! As well with the 4th wave of Covid upon us, I am off to the Red Cross to donate blood, the need is always there. Finally we are moving Sept pub night to tonight, Friday Sept 24th on zoom before moving back indoors for the Oct, Halloween pub night! In the meantime, happy flying & may all your flying days be CAVOK!