Fast track your Private Pilot License! Become a Private Pilot now in as little as 4 months!

The private pilot license is your first big step in attaining freedom in the air. Transitioning from being a passenger to a pilot is a challenging task. It can feel like a steep learning curve, as you are learning a new skill and being introduced to topics that you may have never studied before. The private pilot license allows you to fly as a private pilot with passengers. It can be challenging to find the time to commit and to studying and flying on a regular basis. One of the most effective ways to to complete your private pilot license is to ensure you maintain consistency by training on a regular basis.
Traditional 'Accelerated' programs goals are designed or adverstised to get you finished in "as little as 3 or weeks", which begs to ask the question of WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING IN 3 WEEKS!!!? You are learning to rush, rush, and rush, which is a quick way get in trouble. What you don't know, you don't know and its tough to learn and retain a whole lot in 3-4 weeks. Thinking that you will learn the "other stuff" later is not a comfort for your passengers.

Check out what Joseph and William Bittman had to say about the 'Accelerated Private Pilot Course'

~ Interview ~
At the Edmonton Flying Club, we understand that your private pilot license is the foundation of your flying career, whether you plan on attaining your commercial license or simply enjoy being a private pilot. Investing a little more time in your accelerated license will pay dividends and develop the skills to help you continue to be the professional pilot you aspire to be and you will have FUN doing it.
So, how is our Accelerated program different?
The Edmonton Flying Club Accelerated Private Pilot Program has been designed to pair like minded individuals together so that we can increase the efficiency of your training. By training with another individual there are numerous advantages including:
Repetition - By training with another individual you are able to ride along in the back of the plane and observe the air maneuvers to reinforce the proper procedure. In the heat of the battle, students have a tough time remembering exactly all the procedures because they are busy flying the plane! You will either be completing a flight lesson and then given the opportunity to watch someone else do the same thing or watch first and then fly the lesson. This allows you to see and reflect on the maneuvers without having to be busy flying the plane. You can also learn from the other students mistakes, meaning more efficient training for you.
Cost Savings and Efficient Training - By flying with another individual and flying multiple times a week, your learning will be maximized thereby resulting in cost savings. Your training will be more efficient and you will see the benefits immediately, but also realize the benefits years later when your training may be tested. Your training will be completed in a shorter time period compared to if you attempted to complete the license in the traditional manner. The ground time spent with an instructor is split between you and your training partner meaning you get your ground time for half price.
Confidence - By involving other individuals in your training, you will build confidence with other people watching you fly. I know it seems daunting at first, but as you progress it will become natural. This means that the first time you fly passengers you be cool as a cucumber. I know one of the most stressful tests was my private pilot flight test with the flight examiner watching and grading me. I passed, but I would have definitely been more comfortable had I had other people watching me during my training.
What are the Requirements?
  • Minimum 17 years of age to start
  • Ability to be in class/flights from 0800-1600hrs Monday to Thursday. Times may vary depending on stage of training and holidays considered.
  • Willing to study and work hard.
  • Read and write English up to at least a Level IV ICAO English Language Test Level.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
What are the costs & payment options?
You will be billed by the hour for your flight and instructor time. 
Why would I do this program?
  • Looking to reduce cost
  • Finish in a shorter time period
  • Prefer a structured organized course with a group of students
  • Ability to be 'done' with school in a single course
  • Why would I not do this program?
  • You prefer the flexibility of the traditional way of training
  • You are able to structure your own training
  • Prefer to work on your own
How do I sign up?
Email or call the Edmonton Flying Club today. Ask to speak to the Chief Flight Instructor. They will briefly interview you and discuss different training options with you. Once you both decide that thisEmail or call the Edmonton Flying Club today. Ask to speak to the Chief Flight Instructor. They will briefly interview you and discuss different training options with you. Once you both decide that this program is a right fit for you, you will get signed up and paired with another student.
What happens on poor-weather days?
Ground school.... although a portion of the ground school is done online, our instructors will work with you on weather days to brief you on upcoming flight lessons or supplement items learned in your online ground school. You will not have a wasted day when completing the Accelerated Pilot Program. Some exceptions will be made for extreme weather days as well as holidays.
Can I have a part time Job?
We do not restrict part time jobs but training must be attended Monday to Thursdays from 8am to 4pm.