CASARA Corner – September 2021

In past columns, we have talked about the statistic of typical aviation accidents being the result of a chain of eight to eleven (depending on which study you read) separate and identifiable errors and circumstances. A common reaction to that statistic is “How could the pilot not see that happening?” We could discuss that at […]

CASARA Corner – April 2019

Ah! Spring at last and wander lust is rampant (well, at least as soon as I have filed my tax return). So this month, I’d like to beg your indulgence to reminisce a bit and look to adventures and ideas associated with flying. The ranks of philosophers, storytellers and dreamers of the last hundred years […]

CASARA Corner – July 2020

Another beautiful July evening!? Here I sit, at my computer, writing to the amazing natural show of lightning and thunder. It has been an extraordinary summer so far in Alberta with lots of moisture and unstable air. Apparently over the last 10 years we have averaged 14 tornados touching down per year but this year […]

CASARA Corner – April 2020

Just about anyone who is writing anything today starts with a reference to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. COVID19 truly has overshadowed virtually all that we do. So, with that as a new definition of borders, let’s start with a CASARA sitrep (situation report). As a volunteer organization, none of our members are […]

CASARA Corner – Jan 2020

Another year off to a cold start this time (although as a glass half full person it certainly eliminates the immediate threat of mosquitos and poisonous reptiles). The New Year is a rather arbitrary marking of time but it seems a good way to establish goals, take stock of recent performance and place our benchmarks. […]

CASARA Corner with Bill Dimmer

CASARA corner will return at a later date. In the meantime please enjoy this past article from the wonderful Bill Dimmer from August 2014! With all news of any accidents, people always ask the same two questions (one specific and one generic); what went wrong, and, is it safe to fly? As a person with […]